Class Hierarchy
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 C_CPLListList element structure
 CCPLODBCDriverInstallerA class providing functions to install or remove ODBC driver
 CCPLODBCSessionA class representing an ODBC database session
 CCPLODBCStatementAbstraction for statement, and resultset
 CCPLStaticAssert< b >
 CCPLStaticAssert< true >
 CCPLStringListString list class designed around our use of C "char**" string lists
 CCPLXMLNodeDocument node structure
 CGDAL_GCPGround Control Point
 CGDALAbstractBandBlockCacheThis manages how a raster band store its cached block
 CGDALAsyncReaderClass used as a session object for asynchronous requests
 CGDALColorEntryColor tuple
 CGDALFeaturePointClass of "feature point" in raster
 CGDALGridDataMetricsOptionsData metrics method control options
 CGDALGridInverseDistanceToAPowerOptionsInverse distance to a power method control options
 CGDALGridLinearOptionsLinear method control options
 CGDALGridMovingAverageOptionsMoving average method control options
 CGDALGridNearestNeighborOptionsNearest neighbor method control options
 CGDALIntegralImageIntegral image class (summed area table)
 CGDALMajorObjectObject with metadata
 CGDALMDReaderBaseThe base class for all metadata readers
 CGDALMDReaderManagerThe metadata reader main class
 CGDALOctaveLayerClass for computation and storage of Hessian values in SURF-based algorithm
 CGDALOctaveMapClass for handling octave layers in SURF-based algorithm
 CGDALPansharpenOperationPansharpening operation class
 CGDALPansharpenOptionsPansharpening options
 CGDALRasterAttributeTableThe GDALRasterAttributeTable (or RAT) class is used to encapsulate a table used to provide attribute information about pixel values
 CGDALRasterBlockA single raster block in the block cache
 CGDALRasterIOExtraArgStructure to pass extra arguments to RasterIO() method
 CGDALRasterPolygonEnumeratorT< DataType, EqualityTest >
 CGDALSimpleSURFClass for searching corresponding points on images
 CGDALWarpKernelLow level image warping class
 CGDALWarpOperationHigh level image warping class
 CGDALWarpOptionsWarp control options for use with GDALWarpOperation::Initialize()
 CGNMGraphThe simple graph class, which holds the appropriate for calculations graph in memory (based on STL containers) and provides several basic algorithms of this graph's analysis
 CGNMRuleThe simple class for rules
 CIOGRTransactionBehaviourIOGRTransactionBehaviour is an interface that a driver must implement to provide emulation of transactions
 COGR_SRSNodeObjects of this class are used to represent value nodes in the parsed representation of the WKT SRS format
 COGRCoordinateTransformationInterface for transforming between coordinate systems
 COGRCurveCollectionUtility class to store a collection of curves
 COGREnvelopeSimple container for a bounding region
 COGRFeatureA simple feature, including geometry and attributes
 COGRFeatureDefnDefinition of a feature class or feature layer
 COGRFieldOGRFeature field attribute value union
 COGRFieldDefnDefinition of an attribute of an OGRFeatureDefn
 COGRGeometryAbstract base class for all geometry classes
 COGRGeometryFactoryCreate geometry objects from well known text/binary
 COGRGeomFieldDefnDefinition of a geometry field of an OGRFeatureDefn
 COGRPointIteratorInterface for a point iterator
 COGRRawPointSimple container for a position
 COGRSFDriverRegistrarLEGACY class
 COGRSpatialReferenceThis class represents an OpenGIS Spatial Reference System, and contains methods for converting between this object organization and well known text (WKT) format
 COGRStyleMgrThis class represents a style manager
 COGRStyleTableThis class represents a style table
 COGRStyleToolThis class represents a style tool

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