HTF - Hydrographic Transfer Format

(GDAL/OGR >= 1.8.0)

This driver reads files containing sounding data following the Hydrographic Transfer Format (HTF), which is used by the Australian Hydrographic Office (AHO).

The driver has been developed based on HTF 2.02 specification.

The file must be georeferenced in UTM WGS84 to be considered valid by the driver.

The driver returns 2 spatial layers : a layer named "polygon" and a layer name "sounding". There is also a "hidden" layer, called "metadata", that can be fetched with GetLayerByName(), and which contains a single feature, made of the header lines of the file.

Polygons are used to distinguish between differing survey categories, such that any significant changes in position/depth accuracy and/or a change in the seafloor coverage will dictate a separate bounding polygon contains polygons.

The "polygon" layer contains the following fields :

The "sounding" layer should contain - at minimum - the following 20 fields : Some fields may be never set, depending on the value of the Field Population Key. Extra fields may also be added.

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