This driver implements support for access to spatial tables in IBM Informix extended with the DataBlade spatial module.

When opening a database, its name should be specified in the form

"IDB:dbname={dbname} server={host} user={login} pass={pass} table={layertable}".

The IDB: prefix is used to mark the name as a IDB connection string.

If the geometry_columns table exists, then all listed tables and named views will be treated as OGR layers. Otherwise all regular user tables will be treated as layers.

Regular (non-spatial) tables can be accessed, and will return features with attributes, but not geometry. If the table has a "st_*" field, it will be treated as a spatial table. The type of the field is inspected to determine how to read it.

Driver supports automatic FID detection.

Environment variables

For more information about Informix variables read documentation of Informix Client SDK


This example shows using ogrinfo to list Informix DataBlade layers on a different host.

ogrinfo -ro IDB:"server=demo_on user=informix dbname=frames"