gdalmatching.cpp File Reference

Algorithms for searching corresponding points on images. More...

#include "gdal_alg.h"
#include "gdal_simplesurf.h"


GDAL_GCPGDALComputeMatchingPoints (GDALDatasetH hFirstImage, GDALDatasetH hSecondImage, char **papszOptions, int *pnGCPCount)
 GDALComputeMatchingPoints. More...

Detailed Description

Algorithms for searching corresponding points on images.

Andrew Migal

This implementation is based on an simplified version of SURF algorithm (Speeded Up Robust Features). Provides capability for detection feature points and finding equal points on different images. As original, this realization is scale invariant, but sensitive to rotation. Images should have similar rotation angles (maximum difference is up to 10-15 degrees), otherwise algorithm produces incorrect and very unstable results.

Function Documentation

GDAL_GCP* GDALComputeMatchingPoints ( GDALDatasetH  hFirstImage,
GDALDatasetH  hSecondImage,
char **  papszOptions,
int *  pnGCPCount 


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