GeoPackage 1.0 Extension

Extension follows template from Annex I of the OGC GeoPackage 1.0 Specification.

Extension Title

Aspatial Support


Support for aspatial data (ie. SQLite tables/views without a geometry column), potentially with associated metadata.

This was used in GDAL 2.0 and GDAL 2.1, before the introduction of the 'attributes' data_type of GeoPackage v1.2. Starting with GDAL 2.2, 'attributes' will be used by default, so this extension is now legacy.

Extension Author

GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library, author_name gdal.

Extension Name or Template

INSERT INTO gpkg_extensions
  (table_name, column_name, extension_name, definition, scope)

Extension Type

Extension of Existing Requirement in Clause 2.


This extension applies to any aspatial user data table or view specified in the gpkg_contents table with a lowercase data_type column value of "aspatial".





Contents Table - Aspatial

The gpkg_contents table SHALL contain a row with a lowercase data_type column value of "aspatial" for each aspatial user data table or view.

User Data Tables

The second component of the SQL schema for aspatial tables in an Extended GeoPackage described in clause 'Contents Table - Aspatial' above are user tables or views that contain aspatial user data.

An Extended GeoPackage with aspatial support is not required to contain any user data tables. User data tables MAY be empty.

An Extended GeoPackage with aspatial support MAY contain tables or views. Every such aspatial table or view MAY have a column with column type INTEGER and PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT column constraints per EXAMPLE.

Column Name Type Description Null Default Key
id INTEGER Autoincrement primary key no PK
text_attribute TEXT Text attribute of row yes
real_attribute REAL Real attribute of row yes
boolean_attribute BOOLEAN Boolean attribute of row yes
raster_or_photo BLOB Photograph yes

An integer primary key of an aspatial table or view allows features to be linked to row level metadata records in the gpkg_metadata table by rowid values in the gpkg_metadata_reference table as described in clause 2.4.3 Metadata Reference Table.

An aspatial table or view SHALL NOT have a geometry column.

Columns in aspatial tables or views SHALL be defined using only the data types specified in Table 1 in Clause

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