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CPLHTTPResult Struct Reference

#include <cpl_http.h>

Public Attributes

int nStatus
char * pszContentType
char * pszErrBuf
int nDataLen
int nDataAlloc
char ** papszHeaders
int nMimePartCount

Detailed Description

Describe the result of a CPLHTTPFetch() call

Member Data Documentation

int CPLHTTPResult::nDataAlloc

Allocated size of the pabyData buffer

int CPLHTTPResult::nDataLen

Length of the pabyData buffer

int CPLHTTPResult::nMimePartCount

Number of parts in a multipart message

int CPLHTTPResult::nStatus

cURL error code : 0=success, non-zero if request failed

GByte* CPLHTTPResult::pabyData

Buffer with downloaded data

char** CPLHTTPResult::papszHeaders

Headers returned

CPLMimePart* CPLHTTPResult::pasMimePart

Array of parts (resolved by CPLHTTPParseMultipartMime())

char* CPLHTTPResult::pszContentType

Content-Type of the response

char* CPLHTTPResult::pszErrBuf

Error message from curl, or NULL

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