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GDALTriBarycentricCoefficients Struct Reference

Triangle barycentric coefficients. More...

#include <gdal_alg.h>

Public Attributes

double dfMul1X
double dfMul1Y
double dfMul2X
double dfMul2Y
double dfCstX
double dfCstY

Detailed Description

Triangle barycentric coefficients.

Conversion from cartesian (x,y) to barycentric (l1,l2,l3) with : l1 = dfMul1X * (x - dfCxtX) + dfMul1Y * (y - dfCstY) l2 = dfMul2X * (x - dfCxtX) + dfMul2Y * (y - dfCstY) l3 = 1 - l1 - l2

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