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VSIFilesystemPluginCallbacksStruct Struct Reference

struct containing callbacks to used by the handler. More...

#include <cpl_vsi.h>

Public Attributes

void * pUserData
 Optional opaque pointer passed back to filemanager callbacks (e.g. More...
VSIFilesystemPluginStatCallback stat
 stat handle by name (rw)
VSIFilesystemPluginUnlinkCallback unlink
 unlink handle by name ()
VSIFilesystemPluginRenameCallback rename
 rename handle ()
VSIFilesystemPluginMkdirCallback mkdir
 make directory ()
VSIFilesystemPluginRmdirCallback rmdir
 remove directory ()
VSIFilesystemPluginReadDirCallback read_dir
 list directory content (r?)
VSIFilesystemPluginOpenCallback open
 open handle by name (rw)
VSIFilesystemPluginTellCallback tell
 get current position of handle (rw)
VSIFilesystemPluginSeekCallback seek
 set current position of handle (rw)
VSIFilesystemPluginReadCallback read
 read from current position (r)
VSIFilesystemPluginReadMultiRangeCallback read_multi_range
 read multiple blocks ()
VSIFilesystemPluginGetRangeStatusCallback get_range_status
 get range status ()
VSIFilesystemPluginEofCallback eof
 has end of file been reached (r?)
VSIFilesystemPluginWriteCallback write
 write bytes to current position (w)
VSIFilesystemPluginFlushCallback flush
 sync bytes (w)
VSIFilesystemPluginTruncateCallback truncate
 truncate handle (w?)
VSIFilesystemPluginCloseCallback close
 close handle (rw)

Detailed Description

struct containing callbacks to used by the handler.

(rw), (r), (w) or () at the end indicate wether the given callback is mandatory for reading and or writing handlers. A (?) indicates that the callback might be mandatory for certain drivers only.

GDAL 2.5

Member Data Documentation

void* VSIFilesystemPluginCallbacksStruct::pUserData

Optional opaque pointer passed back to filemanager callbacks (e.g.

open, stat, rmdir)

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